Academic information

Within an exchange programme



How can you apply?

Contact the International Office of your University. Follow the admission process of your university.

In a second step :

  • Apply on line
  • Don't forget to upload the relevant information (transcript of records, Learning Agreement and  signed confirmation  from your coordinator.
  • Submit your admission request before June 5th for the 1st semester (courses will begin early september) or before November 15th for the second semester (courses will begin mid-January)

Here is the list of courses available for students within an exchange programme:

Be careful, you need to select Law or Economy-Management. You can't mix both topics.

Law courses available in English (Undergraduate and Postgraduate level):

Télécharger le fichier «Law courses 2018-2019.xlsx» (2.7 MB)


List of courses in Economy and Management (in French). The courses can be on different campuses, you can find this information in the 'observations' column.

Télécharger le fichier «Economie-Gestion listes des cours 2018-2019.xlsx» (47 KB)

Here is the syllabus of some courses:


Out of an exchange programme: 

Please use this link: