La promotion 2017-2018

Article paru dans Monnet Times fin 2016 : https://monnettimes.wordpress.com/2016/12/19/destination-shanghai-le-du-chinese-business-and-management/


Témoignage pour un stage :

Position : Legal Junior Intern ( Corporate Dept.) in sino-Belgium lawfirm De Wolf & Axten, Shanghai Office

Mission : to assist partners and associate lawyers in providing legal services to foreign (EU) companies seeking to do business in China. Involved in a wide range of missions : from clients' meetings or strategy- gathering with the lawyers, to drafting / translating / reviewing memos or legal documents such as contracts, PoA or NDA with legal research in Chinese and international law, to commercial representation of the Firm during events. These tasks were done under the direction of the partners or lawyers in charge, and toward the end of the internship, acting independently.

Evaluation : Throughout my internship, 1) I acquired in-depth legal knowledge in international investment law, corporate law and IP law, within the Chinese business/legal environment, involving international elements. I could put into practice my academic knowledge, especially the ones acquired during the first semester in SHNU 2) I developed professional working skills within an established and multicultural team and professionals. This means proficiency and professional reliance, accuracy in legal-eco analysis, creativity and a personalized approach in solutions-driven proposals. 3) Development of a professional network and relations in various sectors, both law firms but also business companies.

Currently I’am in the process of writing a report with another intern about "Technology transactions and Trade in and with China - How to make it worthwhile " - Valentin RAMOGNINO - M1 PARIS-SUD


« This year has in some way been an eye-opener for me ».

“This year has been beneficial not only from an academic point of view but also from a personal point of view”.

“Never would I have imagined that this internship in Shanghai would lead me to experience so much in such a short period of time”.

“This internship was my third in a law firm. Nevertheless, I think that this is the one where I learnt the most”.

“The Chinese Business and Management Course is the reflection of the strong commitment of Paris-Sud University to implementing solid partnerships with universities across China and to helping students broaden their horizons and refine their professional aspirations”.

“This internship has been an excellent and rewarding experience. I strongly recommend the Chinese Business and Management programme to all students contemplating the idea”.


Responsable DU CBM : Susan Harris (susan.harris @ u-psud.fr)